New report: Kirsti Jylhä featured in the Youth Barometer 2021

"Young people believe climate change is a reality and they trust the science when it comes to climate issues: the number of young people who deny climate change adds up to only a few per cent. Young people also believe that globally sustainable solutions will be found for environmental problems. The proportion of respondents who agree with this statement has increased compared with 2016, when the question was asked previously in the Youth Barometer."

The Youth Barometer is an annual interview study by the Finnish Youth Research Society and State Youth Council. This years report features the scientific article Nuorten ilmastoahdistus ja ympäristötunteet (translation: Climate anxiety and environmental feelings of young people), co-written by Climate Ethics project member Kirsti Jylhä. An english introduction can be found here, where the report also can be ordered and downloaded (in Finnish).