Final conference of the Climate Ethics and Future Generations program

6-8 September 2023

The final conference of the Climate Ethics and Future Generations program marks the end of a six-year research project, funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ). The conference aims to gather all team members from across the globe to present and discuss some of the many research results of these six years. The conference takes place at Långholmen, a small island in central Stockholm. It begins with lunch on Wednesday 6th of September, and goes on until it closes by afternoon on Friday 8th of September. It will be packed with 14 presentations from all three research themes of the program, mixed with events for social interactions.  

Dates: 6–8 September 2023

Venue: Långholmen Wärdshus Hotel & Conference, Stockholm

Konference room: Tingssalen, at 3rd floor

The conference is free to attend, but we ask all participants to register by sending an email to . The event will not be streamed online.


The sessions are 45 minutes, including questions. Between all sessions are breaks.

Wednesday 6 September

12:15                Lunch

13:30                Gustaf Arrhenius, Krister Bykvist & Göran Duus-Otterström, “Concluding a six-year research program: thoughts and reflections from the PIs”

14:45                Katharina Berndt (IFFS & Stockholm University), "Discrimination and Future Generations"

16:15                Melinda Roberts (New Jersey), “Ethics on a Collision Course with Itself—or Just Another Puzzle for Us to Solve?” 

17:15                Joe Roussos (IFFS), "The curatorial view of science advising"

18:00                Pre-drinks

19:00                Conference Dinner 

Thursday 7 September

09:00                Coffee and fika

09:30                Orri Stefánsson (Stockholm & IFFS), “Morally evaluating countries’ GHG emission”

10:30                Matilda Miljand (Stockholm), “Climate initiatives after the Paris Agreement: the role of non-state initiatives in the transformation of Sweden into a fossil-free welfare state”

11:30                Johan Gustafsson (UT Austin & IFFS), “The Need for Merely Possible People”

12:15               Lunch

13:30                Julia Mosquera (IFFS) & Kirsti Jylhä (IFFS), “How to feel about climate change? An analysis of the normativity of climate emotions”

14:30                Malcolm Fairbrother (Umea & IFFS), “Laypeople and the Mere Addition Paradox: An Experiment in Population Ethics”

16:00                Dean Spears (UT Austin), "Is humanity 4⁄5 over?: Why demographers project that humanity’s Spike is about to peak"

17:30                Guided Tour Around the Prison (optional)

19:00                Dinner 

Friday 8 September

09:30                Coffee

10:00                Włodek Rabinowicz (Lund), ”Person-Affecting Restriction and Incommensurable Lives”

11:00                Elizabeth Finneron-Burns (Western University), "What we owe to future people"

11:45                Lunch

13:15               Martin Kolk (Stockholm & IFFS) & Emma Engström (KTH & IFFS), “Projecting Environmental Impacts with varying Population,Affluence, and Technology using IPAT–Climate Change and Land Use Scenarios”

14:15                John Broome (Oxford), “No continuum argument for the repugnant conclusion”

15:00                End of conference

The conference is organized by Olle Torpman, Karim Jebari and Mats Ingelström.