Virtual workshop: Climate Ethics Meets Covid-19,
29 May 2020

Organised by Institute for Futures Studies (IFFS)

This is a closed event for researchers in the Climate ethics and future generations programme.


09.00-09.35: “Some Possible Implications of the Corona Crisis for the Climate Crisis”, Gustaf Arrhenius (Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm)

09.35-09.50: Break

09.50-10.25: “Covid-19 and climate crisis and Intergenerational burden-sharing”, Julia Mosquera (Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm)

10.25-10.40: Break

10.40-11.15: “Covid-19, Climate Change, and Coercion”, Tim Campbell (Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm)

11.15-11.30: Break

11.30-12.05: “Experts: Which Ones Should You Trust?”, Joe Roussos (Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm)

12.05-14.00: Lunch Break

14.00-14.50: “Carbon Pricing During and After the Pandemic”, Kian Mintz-Woo (Princeton University)

14.50-15.00: Break

15.00-15.50: “How to Respond to the Tragedy of Our Time: Hope and the Virtue of Creative Resolve”, Nicole Hassoun (Binghamton University)

15.50-16.00: Break

16.00-16.50: “Allocating Scarce Vaccines”, Paul Bowman and Anders Herlitz (Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm)

Note that all times are in local Stockholm time (GMT +1)

If you have any questions, please contact organizer .‚Äč