Workshop: Applied questions regarding incommensurability, 17-18 May 2022

The conference takes place at Rutgers University and is organised by the Institute for Futures Studies (IFFS) and Rutgers.

Program (all times in EST):

May 17th

10.00-10.45: Session 1: Introduction
Anders Herlitz: Incommensurability and population-level bioethics 

10.45-11.00: Break 

11.00-12.30: Session 2: Evaluating health states
Dan Hausman: The healthier-than relation and incommensurability        
Krister Bykvist: Can we compare health states when our standards change 

12.30-13.30: Lunch 

13.30-15.00: Session 3: Decision methods
Walter Bossert: Incommensurability and consistency
Susuma Cato: The sufficientarian principle and incommensurability

15.00-15.15: Break 

15.15-17.00: Session 6: Disability
Frances Kamm: Parity and disability
David Wasserman: Incommensurability in Healthcare Priority Setting: Can Parity Meet the Challenge of Constraining (Pure) Procedural Justice?                     
Michael Rabenberg: Comments 

May 18th 

10.00-12.30 Session 5: Valuing health benefits to future people
Melinda Roberts: Incommensurability, population and intuition
Wlodek Rabinowicz: Personalized neutral-range utilitarianism with incommensurable lives
Gustaf Arrhenius: Incommensurability and population ethics paradoxes 

12.30-14.00: Lunch

14.00-15.30: Session 6: Uncertainty and incommensurability in public policy
Chrisoula Andreou: Incommensurability, difficult decision making, and public policy
Orri Stefansson: Precaution, lexical utilities and vagueness
Adam Elga: Comments

15.30-15.45: Break 

15.45-16.45: Future directions 

- adjourn -


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