Workshop: Unawareness and Awareness Growth, 18-19 October 2021

Updated: 20 April 2021

18-19 October, IFFS Stockholm and online

In many everyday situations we confront new possibilities. These are either radically new—events we have never before entertained, or propositions involving new concepts—or merely new in the sense that they had not thus far featured in our deliberations. In such cases, we are in a situation of unawareness, and when we encounter the new possibilities our awareness grows. Are there rationality constraints that are specific to unaware agents? Does being aware of one’s unawareness have implications for decision-making? How should one update one’s beliefs when encountering new possibilities? These questions are of crucial importance when reasoning about rapidly evolving crises like the Covid-19 pandemic or long-term challenges like climate change and existential risk. They are also poorly answered by orthodox theories of decision and belief revision.

Join us for a workshop on these topics on 18-19 October. The workshop brings together philosophers and economists working on unawareness and awareness growth from a variety of perspectives.

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Catrin Campbell-Moore (Bristol)
Chloé de Canson (Groningen)
Franz Dietrich (PSE / CNRS)
Ed Elliott (Leeds)
Evan Piermont (Royal Holloway)
Marcus Pivato (CYU)
Joe Roussos (IFFS)
Katie Steele (ANU) & H. Orri Stefánsson (Stockholm)
Aron Vallinder (Forethought Foundation)
Marie-Louise Vierø (Aarhus)

The workshop is co-organised by two projects at IFFS: Climate Ethics and Future Generations and Rational Foundations of Longtermism.