Workshop in collaboration with Sustaianble Population in the Time of Climate Change, 9-10 March 2022

A joint workshop for the “Climate ethics and Future Generations“ program and the project “Sustainable Population in the Time of Climate Change”. We will present ongoing research at IFFS that is relevant to both teams, with a focus on population growth and sustainability. This is an informal and internal workshop. Work in progress is welcome. 

Organisers: Karim Jebari and Mats Ingelström


11:30 Lunch
12:30 Coffee & welcome
13:00 Malcolm Fairbrother: How Should We Save the Earth? Europeans' Attitudes towards Climate Policies, and their Foundations
13:40 Martin Kolk & Emma Engström: Projections of carbon and biodiversity impacts 
14:20 Break 
14:30 Karim Jebari & Emma Engström: Backcasting the future of agriculture
15:10 Orri Stefansson & Dean Spears: Critical level utilitarianism
15:50 Break 
16:00 Olle Torpman & Elin Röös: Arguments for Livestock Farming
16:40 Break
17:00-18.45 Mike Otsuka: How to pool risks across generations
19:00 Dinner

09:30 Coffee & welcome 
10:00 Joe Roussos: Does risk aversion threaten objectivity?
10:40 Johan Gustafsson & Petra Kosonen: Prudential Longtermism
11:20 Break
11:30 Timothy Campbell: Climate Change and Antinatalist Arguments
12:10 Lunch