Workshop: Sharing the Burden? Public Values, Attitudes, and Preferences about Climate Policy

21-22nd February 2019, Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm.

Organizer: Malcolm Fairbrother.


THURSDAY (February 21st)
10.00 welcome and introduction (Malcolm Fairbrother)
10.30 Linda Steg “Motives for Climate Action”
11.10 Ingemar Johansson Sevä “Beliefs about Climate Change and Support for Fossil Fuel Taxes: The Role of Political Trust”
11.50 Håkon Sælen “Domestic Drivers of International Climate Ambition”
12.30 lunch
13.30 Jonas Sonnenschein (remote presentation) “Monetary Valuation of Climate Change Mitigation Under Different Carbon Pricing Schemes: Behavioural Effects and Policy Implications”
14.10 5. Megan Mullin “Has Climate Change Polarized U.S. Public Opinion on the Environment?”
14.50 coffee and semlor
15.20 Niklas Harring, Sverker Jagers, and Simon Matti ”Why Do Right-Wing and Left-Wing Individuals Reject Certain Environmental Policies? Exploring the Role of (Un)Fairness and Limits to Freedom of Choice”
16.00 Rachael Shwom “Public Perceptions of Long Term Risks: What Can We Learn for Climate Change?”
16.40 Mark Jaccard (remote presentation)
19.30 dinner
FRIDAY (February 22nd)
09.00 Aya Kachi “What Motivates Us to Seek Information about Energy Policies? Swiss Citizens’ Knowledge and Information Seeking Behavior around Deep Geothermal Energy Technologies”
09.40 Joakim Kulin “Political Trust and Support for Environmental Policy: Distinguishing Between Trust in Representative and Implementing Institutions”
10.20 coffee
10.50 Kevin Tam “Uncovering the Role of Political Context: The Psychology x Politics Perspective on Engagement in Environmental Activism”
11.30 Sandy Marquart-Pyatt “Climate Change and Energy Views Across Welfare State Regimes in the EU”
12.10 Erick Lachapelle “Framing Carbon Pricing in Canada: Experimental Effects on Perceptions of Fairness, Effectiveness and Overall Support”
12.50 lunch
13.50 Zorzeta Bakaki “The Triangular Relationship between Public Concern for Environmental Issues, Policy Output, and Media Attention”
14.30 Stefano Carattini “Carbon Taxes and Stranded Assets: Evidence from Washington State”
15.10 coffee
15.40 Larry Hamilton “Generational Aspects of U.S. Public Opinion on Renewable Energy and Climate Change”
16.20 Steffen Kallbekken “Using Lab Experiments to Explore Attitudes to Environmental Taxes: Results and Ways Forward”
17.00 closing reflections
19.00 dinner
Aya Kachi, Basel, CH, political science
Erick Lachapelle, Montréal, CA, political science
Håkon Sælen, Oslo, NO, political science
Ingemar Johansson Sevä, Umeå, SE, sociology
Joakim Kulin, Umeå, SE, sociology
Jonas Sonnenschein, Lund, SE, economics (remote)
Kevin Tam, UST, Hong Kong, psychology
Kirsti Jylha, IFFS, SE, psychology
Larry Hamilton, NH, USA, sociology
Linda Steg, Groningen, NL, psychology
Malcolm Fairbrother, Umeå + IFFS, SE, sociology
Mark Jaccard, Simon Fraser, CA, economics (remote)
Megan Mullin, Duke, USA, political science
Niklas Harring, Gothenburg, SE, political science
Rachael Shwom, Rutgers, USA, sociology
Sandy Marquart-Pyatt, Michigan State, USA, sociology
Simon Matti, Luleå, SE, political science (Day 1 only)
Stefano Carattini, Georgia State, USA, economics
Steffen Kallbekken, Oslo, NO, economics
Sverker Jagers, Gothenburg, SE, political science
Zorzeta Bakaki, Essex, UK, political science (Day 2 only)