Workshop: The size of future and current generations and climate change – perspectives from demography, population ethics, and environmental studies

23rd May 2018, Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm.

Scientists working on the human impact on various environmental challenges have increasingly recognized the importance of demography and population size as an important determinant for the scale of future environmental challenges. Energy use, and greenhouse gas emission from energy use have been historically tightly linked to population size, and population growth have been an important component of historic growth of emissions.

In a new project on population ethics in relation to climate change and future generation, we are bringing together researchers working on demographic forecasts and models, population ethicists, and social scientists forecasting and estimating how sociodemographic factors affect greenhouse gas emission.

The workshop will include a selection of population ethicists, social scientists, and demographers in the intersection of demography, greenhouse gas emissions, and estimating and valuing future generations