COVID-19: Climate Ethics researchers' work on COVID-19 pandemic

Here you can find a collection of articles, talks and papers by our researchers on the Covid-19 pandemic:

Lock-down rule breakers and moral luck. Article by Professor Roger Crisp in New Statesman on moral responsibility and unintentionally spreading the coronavirus.

Coronavirus, economy and climate change. Article in The Independent by Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta on the importance of environmental concern in the economic rebuild after the corona pandemic.

Is Sweden's soft lockdown working? Despite relatively high death counts in Sweden compared to other countries, the effect on different health indicators on population level are limited, says Demographer Martin Kolk in an interview with American news channel Newsy.

Half the world's workers may see livelihood destroyed. BBC podcast World Business Report with Professor John Broome, philosopher and economist, on complicated ethical questions concerning the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The Swedish exception. Philosophers Gustaf Arrhenius and Erik Angner on the importance of looking at the context in which different corona strategies are being employed. Blog entry on Behavioural Public Policy.

Trust in Institutions and Attitudes towards the Future. Blog entry by Malcolm Fairbrother, professor in sociology, on links between public responses to Covid-19 policies and recent findings in new working paper "How much do we value future generations? Climate change, debt, and attitudes towards policies for improving future lives”. 

Also see: “Social capital, trust, and state coronavirus testing” article by Malcolm Fairbrother et. al.

Three mistakes in the moral reasoning about the Covid-19 pandemic. Orri Stefánsson, philosopher at the Institute for Futures Studies and decision theorist, dissects the moral reasoning about the Covid-19 pandemic. Working paper for the Institute for Future Studies.

What we know about the corona pandemic. What do we know today about Corona and the way it spreads? Why do different countries act differently in reaction to the pandemic? Why are large events forbidden while schools are still open? Epidemiologist Johanna Adami in a conversation with Gustaf Arrhenius at the Institute for Future Studies.


Material in Swedish:

The burdens of the crisis - can we distribute them fairly? Article by Julia Mosquera

Moral trade-offs in Covid-19 interventions. Talk by Orri Stefánsson.

A more sophisticated debate could save lives. Article by Orri Stefánsson.

Prioritizing in the Covid-19 pandemic. Podcast with Gustaf Arrhenius.

Covid-19, fatality and average life expectancy - how are demographics affected? Article by Martin Kolk.