Four new spin-off projects awarded funding

10 November 2022

We are very happy to announce that our team has recently been awarded funding for four new research projects.

Riksbankens Jubileumsfond has awarded Krister Bykvist 11 MSEK for the project Ethics of Coordination. Krister will together with a large group of researchers work for three years on this project, with the aim “to formulate a new approach to addressing collective harm problems, an ethics of coordination that incorporates both direct individual duties and collective duties, and to apply this approach to climate change”. More info.

The Swedish Research Council has awarded Göran Duus-Otterström 1.9 MSEK to over three years work on Compensation for the Harms of Climate Change.

Anders Herlitz was awarded 4.1 MSEK by the Swedish Research Council for his project Claim-based distributive theories. Anders will over three years (i) conduct an in-depth analysis of how distributive theories that refer to individuals’ claims understand what a claim is and how the strengths of claims are fixed, (ii) present and analyze a new view of how one ought to respond to individuals’ claims, and (iii) explore whether a differentiation between claims of existing people and claims of merely possible people can provide the foundation of a plausible theory of what to do in cases involving future generations. The overarching purpose is to present a framework for claim-based distributive theories. 

Joe Roussos was awarded 4.1 MSEK by the Swedish Research Council for his project Expertise in crises. Joe will over three years work together with Erik Angner to explore the role of experts in policymaking in times of crisis. In a crisis, decisions are urgent, stakes are high, uncertainties are deep, evidence is changing, and values are in conflict. How should decision makers in these situations make use of experts? The importance of expertise is widely acknowledged and expressed in slogans like “listen to experts!” But experts often disagree, they sometimes get it wrong, and their advice is value-laden. This project is framed around these challenges: disagreement, limitations, and objectivity.