Now published: Studies on Climate Ethics and Future Generations Vol 3

The third volume of preprint papers written as part of the Climate Ethics and Future Generations project is now published. The volume is edited by Joe Roussos and Paul Bowman and published by the Institute for Futures Studies.


Calibrating Variable-Value Population Ethics
Dean Spears & H. Orri Stefánsson

Awareness Growth and Belief Revision
Joe Roussos

Why Time Discounting Should Be Exponential: A Reply to Callender
Katie Steele

Population Externalities and Optimal Social Policy
Nicholas Lawson & Dean Spears

How Much Harm Does Each of Us Do?
John Broome

Offsetting, Denialism, and Risk
Tim Campbell

The Relevance of Motivations to Wrongdoing for Contributing to Climate Change
Paul Bowman

Comparing Existence and Non-Existence
Hilary Greaves & John Cusbert

Does Climate Change Put Ethics on a Collision Course with Itself?
M.A. Roberts

Fixing Person-Based Stakes in Distributive Theory
Anders Herlitz

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